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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain
Advanced workforce management and personnel evaluation system incorporated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain.
evaluation process
Improved fair evaluation process, employee engagement incentive and a single easy-to-use dashboard for an employee’s entire work history.
beepnow's Advantage


New and Innovative Use of

Every day, millions of business transactions occur between vendors, partners, and consumers. These transactions are not only monetary, goods, and services, but also data.

beepnow uses blockchain to ensure an employee’s work record, performance evaluations, and data are both accurate and secured.

beepnow by leveraging blockchain will revolutionize human resources by improving employee data security and access, ensuring compliance by giving employees more control over their data, streamlining benefits, and creating better access to external talent through smart contracts.


Enhance the Employee Evaluation

By using AI, an employee’s performance is scored on a 1,000-point scale. These points are calculated and analyzed by using the comments received not only from their managers but also colleagues. Through language processing, certain personality traits and attitudes toward work are described by comments, transforming them into a quantitative evaluation using the 1,000-point scale.

Another feature of AI driven performance evaluations are managerial performance reviews and 360 degree evaluations. Set up pulse surveys and team self-evaluations, set OKRs and SMART objectives, track performance in real-time, and apply AI to generate employee evaluation scores.
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Enjoy a Competitive Advantage

Disgruntled employees will no longer be an issue, with the enhanced performance evaluations provided by beepHR. This comprehensive performance management tool covers everything from goal setting to performance evaluation.

Increase Employee Motivation and Loyalty

It is often said that employees are no longer loyal to companies. With beepHR there now are multiple ways to motivate employees and improve employee engagement, trust, and loyalty.
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